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If you have any questions concerning the community, post them here.

Q: What exactly do the tags mean?

The author tags are for the different users (LJ usernames to avoid any confusions). If you don't have an author tag yet, please use the author: i need a tag please tag. Your author tag will then be created.

The challenge tags are for the bi-weekly challenge. There are tags for the individual challenges and challenge: mod for the announcement of new challenges.

The pairing tags should be clear. Use pairing: other if your ficlet includes other couples as well.

genre and rating tags should also be clear.

writing: prompts/ideas/requests is for anything that you want others to write. writing: feedback/questions relates to what you have written. (Note: if you have problems with a fic and want both feedback and give it up as a plot bunny, tag it with both.) writing: challenge/ficathon is for the announcement of challenges and ficathons. writing: beta is for beta requests. Finally there is writing: meta for general discussion of writing any of the relevant couples. Please use the relevant pairing tags for writing posts as well.

!mod is for mod posts.
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