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[ profile] mcsheplets is a little John/Rodney writing community on Livejournal that was created in August 2007.

It's a place for John/Rodney ficlets (thus the name McSheplets), a bi-weekly challenge and anything related to writing John/Rodney. It also allows Joe/David RPS and Hewligan, though the bulk of the fic is John/Rodney.

[community profile] mcsheplets on Dreamwidth will work the same way as its LJ counterpart.

Crossposting to McSheplets on Livejournal and Dreamwidth is allowed (please use the same subject line).

I will generate link lists every now and then with all links to entries in either community so that people can check out the ficlets that they might have missed.

We'll officially open on Dreamwidth with challenge #45 (current frontrunner is "Sacrifice") tomorrow.

I hope to have up the rules and some more administrative stuff by then.

If you have questions or thoughts, let me know in the comments :)
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