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It's Monday and time for the new challenge to kick things off here at Dreamwidth.

Challenge #45 is:


What comes to mind is John Sheppard, taking the bomb that Rodney built to fly into a Hive (and his own death). Because it's what he does. Well, not just John. There's Rodney stepping into a dark energy cloud. Our heroes are quite good with the big sacrifices they're willing to make, but there are small ones of course. On average how often does Rodney complain about Earth food he cannot get? And John about not being able to drive? And what about those small sacrifices you make in a relationship, like John giving up orange juice because he wants to be able and ready to kiss Rodney at any time? Or maybe someome else makes sacrifices to allow them to be together and of course there are the alien rituals where they have to sacrifice themselves (or possibly their gay virginity if such a thing exists ;)

Challenge closes May 18th 2009. Have fun!
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